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I was born in 1947 at Cegléd, Hungary. I have been living in Budapest since I was 13. My childhood drawings were exhibited in my schools on several occasions. I started getting acquainted with the art of oil painting in 1960. In the sixties, many of my works were taken abroad (Television of Varsaw, Frankfurt am. Main, Paris, Bregenz).

I have completed my studies at the Budapest University Technology. I have received my degrees here. After 40 years of intermission, having retired in 2005, I now returned to the canvas. I like to work and to create works of art.

Besides painting our national values, I wish to record the memories of my journeys as landscapes, genre paintings and still-lives. My works are painted with oil on canvas, by paintbrush. I am ready to fulfill individual orders as well.

Thanks for the possibility to my wife.


My exhibitions:


First exposition: in 2007, organized by Gallery DunapArt, and displayed at West End Office Center (Budapest-Hungary).

Second exhibition: in 2009, displayed for the request of the Institute for Basic and Continuing Education of Health Workers (Budapest-Hungary).

Responding to the invitation of "The World of Culture and Art Assocation  to participate in the exposition Bread 2010. 01. 09 - 29, my painting "Essential" (Farmer bread was exhibited.

In response to the invitation of "The World of Culture and Art Association" to participate in a show of seven artists in the Pajta Galéria Tök, Kossuth u. 16. I am exhibiting five pieces of Art works. The show is open now until 27. June 2010.









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Hollókő     Trevi-kút     Legelésző szarvasok a Mátrában

Galéria 2010. 03. 24.   galeria_120222.jpg   Galéria 2010. 11. 04.


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